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Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty

Representing the 5th District of Connecticut


Esty Helps Aspiring Danbury Doctor Secure Student Visa

October 4, 2016
Constituent Corner

DANBURY, CT—Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty (CT-5) this week shared a “Constituent Corner” story from Danbury resident Mahshid Mohammadi, who reached out to Esty for help renewing her student visa.

Mohammadi, originally from Iran, is a Canadian citizen attending medical school in the United States. She has been traveling between Canada and the United States since 2011, tending to her husband and son in Canada while completing her schooling in the States. While home visiting her family and renewing her visa at the U.S Embassy this past May, the Embassy informed her that her visa issuance was currently under administrative processing.

Months went by, and Mohammadi heard nothing from the Embassy. She became worried something was wrong with her visa when the Embassy asked for her husband’s passport and other paperwork on his behalf.
In light of the delays, Mohammadi expressed concerns about completing her residency and graduating on time to her residency program manager at the Connecticut Institute for Families, Inc. in Danbury. From there, her program manager recommended she reach out to Esty’s office for help.

Esty reached out to the State Department to inquire what had caused the administrative processing. Tthe State Department reported it had no reason on record for the visa renewal issue, and Esty worked with the State Department speed up the renewal process. As a result, the State Department finally processed Mohammadi’s visa, and asked Mohammadi and her husband to bring their passports to the Embassy to complete all the necessary paperwork. Once it was completed, Mohammadi’s visa issuance concern was resolved, and she received her visa.
“To my surprise, after two weeks, I got a call from Congresswoman Esty. She was the most helpful, and told me that the issue for both me and my husband was resolved, and the U.S. Embassy in Canada just needed my passport. I am sure that without her precious help, I would not have been able to move on with my residency training, and keep my family together. Thank you so very much,” Mohammadi said.

“When I spoke to Mahshid, she shared with me her concerns that, if she did not complete her schooling on time, all the time and energy she had invested in becoming a doctor could be for nothing,” Esty said. “Mahshid’s son was only three years old when she began medical school, and while she expressed guilt for leaving her son, she said something that truly resonated with me: ‘I want him to have a better future.’ That’s something any parent would empathize with, and I wanted to make sure Mahshid had the opportunity she deserved to begin her career and provide for her family.  I am pleased to see this case favorably resolved, and look forward to seeing all that Mahshid is able to accomplish.”

Residents in central and northwest Connecticut who are having difficulty with immigration services or their passports are encouraged to call Esty’s office at 860-223-8412.

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